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Yale Influences

In his studies at Yale School of Fine Arts from 1938 to 1940 he was introduced to early Italian Art. The influence of Montegna's sculptural forms are evident in the major surrealist composition called "Fantasy".The symbolism employed in this earlier realistic style is easily related to Fontaine's youthful disillusionment with the church.   In "Fantasy" Fontaine imaginatively composed the different shapes such as the triangles on the roof repeating the pattern on the Harlequin's costume.

Black & White Study for "Fantasy"
Final work in tempera at Yale University

The decorative pillar is used to stop the edge of the painting and let the eye move in the distorted space to the background of concentration camp buildings. More Description

In 1940, at twenty-seven, Paul graduated at the top of his class. He was honored by receiving the the Winchester Wirt Fellowship to spend an entire year after graduation to concentrate and strengthen his own style. As the importance of an artist depends upon his own discoveries which he never learned in school, a true artist takes knowledge and experience from art history upon which to build his own creative ideas. "The greater the inspiration, the more the painting has something to say," said Fontaine.
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"Boat Party"
Egg tempera on gesso panel
30"x20" , "Composed from sketches made while sailing to Nantuckett on an old two-masted schooner from Boston, Mass."


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