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1972 Colima, Jalisco

This was the first exhibition of Paul Fontaine’s Mexican watercolors since his arrival in Mexico in 1970. His palette changed from dark to bright using yellows, pinks and reds, representing the astounding transformation the Mexican environs had on his  artistic direction. He was restricted to the watercolor format until 1973, when he finally moved to a house and built a suitably sized studio for large format paintings.

1978  Guadalajara

The Municipal Gallery of Guadalajara was a favored exhibition space for Paul Fontaine. This was his first show of entirely new large acrylic paintings since his arrival in Mexico in 1970. Prior to this, his shows were exclusively of watercolors. He received extensive complimentary reviews in the city newspapers. See Review

1980  Guadalajara

This exhibit was one of the largest of Paul Fontaine’s, showing at least 30 new works since the last show in 1978. His colors and compositions were bolder and less transparent in texture. A selection of this show also went to Mexico City.

1980  Mexico City

This was the first of only two shows Paul Fontaine held in Mexico City.The paintings were only of a selection of the Guadalajara 1980 show. The second exhibition in Mexico City was in 1985 at the same venue.

1984  Guadalajara

This exhibition represents another immense transition to yet thicker textures and darker rich colors. His style remained in this vein until he moved to Austin, Texas, where the palette changed one final time.

1987  Chicago

The Worthington Gallery was the only major United States venue for Paul Fontaine’s later works.