Austin 1992-1996

Paul explaining one of his methods for discovering new compositions. Austin 1995

Virginia passed away in February 1992 at the age of 75. After 36 years of marriage, it was difficult to imagine life without her. Requiring a new heart valve, his health was  fading and it became obvious his days were numbered. He spent his entire life keeping healthy despite hereditary heart disease and surpassed the doctors’ wildest expectations for longevity.

He often remarked these days “Only now do I really feel old”. As much as he would miss Guadalajara, his friends and the artistic community,  he decided to move to Austin where two of his daughters could help. He lived only 6 blocks away from one and a mile from the other. He converted the garage to a studio and continued to paint daily. He had to give up driving and tennis, but never sat still otherwise.

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