Acknowledgements is now in its fourth iteration and past its tenth anniversary.

The following acknowledgements will sound a little like Oscar night ramblings but there are so many important players who contributed to this project that I can’t bear to leave anyone out.

To start there would be no without the  steadfast intelligent support of David Weaver’s design, photography, database and coding skills and  Bo Kersey and his Vircio team that keep  up and running.

Equally in primary roles is the entire School of Information at the University of Texas, but in particular the Dean, Andrew Dillon who along with the Archives scholar David Gracy, gave me the sign to “go forth and write” the story; Karen Pavelka for her invaluable advice surrounding conservation; and Patricia Galloway for her steadfast instruction on  the complexity and pitfalls  of developing a digital archive.

And again equally in primary roles are the masters students who worked hundreds of hours on the website or with organizing the materials. (Unless stated otherwise, these are all School of Information graduates.) It started in 1999 with Kathleen Vanderslice (now Carter) who single handedly designed, coded and posted the first full version, which  lasted in functionality and interest for over eight years, until it was time to add the archive materials; Clifford Allen who worked  two internships and a capstone  project on organizing the materials, writing a Finding Aid, developing the Access database, and writing  a Wikipedia article on Paul Fontaine; Katja Rivera, under Dr. Ann Reynolds, from the Art History department of University of Texas, used the materials to write a Masters Thesis on Paul and Virginia, confirming again that there is a noteworthy story to be unveiled; Sara Metz for producing the third iteration of the website ; and finally Eryn Whitworth, Karen Holt and Alex Addison who  had vision and sparked ideas of what the fourth iteration should accomplish.

I also want to thank the many people with whom I’ve had conversations about the archive materials and the Fontaine collection over the years. Each and everyone has inspired me and contributed to what has gone into the site: Jessie Otto Hite, formerly Director, the Blanton Museum of Art, Dana Friis-Hansen, Director Austin Museum of Art, David Hamrick, University of Texas Press, Dr.Duana Welch, PhD.,LoveScience Mary Anne Connolly,  Austin Woman Magazine, Ann Daly, Life Coach,  Marian Stein-Steinfeld, Hanna Bekker vom Rath Archiv, Dr. Werner Esser, Ottomar Domnick Archiv,  and Hadwig Goez, Baumeister Archiv.

And then there are the friends who in different ways have molded and supported  me : In writing: S. Kirk Walsh, Randy Lusk, Luke Dunlap, Kate Boccheciamp, and Sheryl Farley  and in staying focused:  Mimi Blankenship, Dr. Deborah Dunn, Barbara Paris, and Harimander.

And not least my family:  my husband, Phil, who  is always a fabulous listener and allowed me to retire from the workforce so I could work on this, my sister Gigi who is always blasting the trumpet “Go Forth”  and my children Russell, Paula and Philip who one day will understand what their mother is passionate about, besides them.

I also have to thank Austin Ventures who gave me the understanding of what being entrepreneurial means.