Welcome to an exploration of the life and works of Paul Fontaine.

Paul Fontaine was an  American and expatriate abstract expressionist painter 1913-1996. The Fontaine Gallery was founded in 1999 to share with the world the immense richness and depth that Paul Fontaine expressed through his painting that spanned three countries: United States, Germany and Mexico and almost the entire 20th century.

The intent is to provide a site for the many collectors of his work to learn the background and extent of his vast oeuvre of over 700 paintings. You will find biographical details, complete list of exhibitions, and works for sale.

The Gallery is attempting to complete a directory of the collectors. We only know of about half of the owners. If you are an owner of a Fontaine painting that you may or may not see on this site, or would like to purchase a painting,  please contact us. Contact


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