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Below is a table of a selection of people who have Wikipedia articles or a web archive of their own and were connected in some way with Virginia or Paul Fontaine and are covered in the Fontaine Archive, either with photographs, or correspondence. If you would like to know what we have,regarding these individuals,  register and post your query on Discussion board . You will influence the next Discovery of the Month

fullnameprofessionweb referencesweb_archive
Maro AjemianMusician
Anahid AjemianMusician
Alo AltrippArtist, Printmaker
Hans ArpArtist, Sculptor
Willi BaumeisterArtist, Painter, Printmaker
Max BeckmannArtist, Painter, Printmaker
Hanna Bekker vom RathArtist, Art Dealer, Collector
Jules BissierArtist, Painter
Bram BogartArtist,
Lothar-Gunther BuchheimArt Dealer, Collector
Carl BuchheisterArtist
Rolf CavaelArtist, Painter
Melton S. DavisUS-StateDept
Henri DavringArtist, Painter
Erica de BaryWriter
Otto DixArtist, Painter
Lee DomezArtist, PainterDomez, Lee (1926- )
Art Digest 28 (February 1, 1954): 18
S.F. Clippings v.2: 109 - SF Public library
Ottomar DomnickFilmmaker, Collector, Physician
Alfred EichhornArtist, Printmaker
Bruno ErdmannArtist, Painter
Arthur FauserArtist, Painter, Printmaker
Gerhard FietzArtist, Painter
Paul FontaineArtist, Painter
Yvonne GeorgiChoreographer, Dancer
Gordon GilkeyArtist, Collector, Printmaker
Jose Gomez-SicreWriter, Art Historian
Karl Otto GötzArtist
HAP GrieshaberArtist
Lother GrisebachArt Historian
Karl HartungArtist, Sculptor
Hans HartungArtist, Painter
Erich HeckelArtist, Painter
Hans HildebrandtArt Historian
Marta HoeppfnerPhotographer
Carl HoferArtist, Painter, Printmaker
Hans JaenischArtist, Painter
Alexej JawlenskyArtist
Una JohnsonMuseum Director, Art Historian
Walter JonasArtist, Painter
Kurt JoossChoreographer, Dancer
Ida KerkoviusArtist, Painter, Weaver
Paul KleeArtist, Painter, Printmaker
Käthe KollwitzArtist, Painter, Printmaker
Ernst KrenekMusician
Norbert KrickeArtist, Sculptor
Hans KuhnArtist, Painter
Karl KunzArtist, Painter
Helmut LanderArtist, Sculptor
Walter LinckArtist, Sculptor
Ewald MataréArtist, Sculptor
Willy MaywaldPhotographer
Ludwig MeidnerArtist, Painter, Printmaker
Otto MeyerMuseum Director, Art Historian
Ferdinand MöllerArt Dealer
Georg MucheArtist, Weaver, Printmaker
Rolf Müller-LandauArtist, Painter
Bernard Samuel MyersArt Historian
Ernst Wilhelm NayArtist, Painter
J.B. NeumannArt Dealer, Collector
Constant Anton NieuwenhuysArtist, Painter
Ernst OberhoffArtist, Painter
Max PechsteinArtist, Painter, Printmaker
Hans PlatcheckArtist, Writer
Hilla RebayArtist
Herbert RibitzkiArtistInventory of William Arntz papers-Getty
Fritz RiedlArtist, Painter
Otto RitschlArtist, Painter
Emy RoederArtist, Sculptor
Juliane RohArt Historian
Christian RohlfsArtist, Painter
Noldi RüdlingerMuseum Director
Willem Jacob Henri Berend SandbergMuseum Director
Eberhard SchlotterArtist, Painter|342.739.1
Karl Schmidt-RottluffArtist, Painter
Bernard SchultzeArtist, Painter
Friedel Schulz-DehnhardtArtist, Painter
Karl StröherCollector, BusinessOwner
Shinkitchi TajiriArtist, Sculptor
Arturo Tat TashkoArtist, Painter
Heinz TrökesArtist, Art Dealer, Painter
Raoul UbacArtist, Painter, Sculptor
Hans UhlmannArtist, Sculptor, Printmaker
Dr. Wilhelm Rheinold ValentinerArt Historian
Egon ViettaJournalist, Art Historian
Woty WernerArtist, Weaver
Theodore WernerArtist, Painter
Mary WigmanChoreographer, Dancer
Hans Maria WinglerWriter, Art Historian
Fritz WinterArtist, Painter, Printmaker
Ossip ZadkineArtist, Sculptor