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A Stylistic Snapshot

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"Lynchings," Tempera , 1932


Ashcan style Under the influence of his teacher at Worcester Museum School, Umberto Romano



Transparency A dramatic change occurred in his work with watercolors in Tortola, Virgin Islands. He began to experiment with the fluid, transparent capabilities of watercolor. 105Coconuts.jpg (51223 bytes)

"Coconuts," watercolor, 1940

Geometric His styles can  be separated into four  modifications of the basic aesthetic principles he established in his youth. At first, he is more concerned with geometric form;

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Oil on board, 1953

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Compostion 16 "Meine Brucke," Acrylic 150cm x 95cm, 1959

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Acrylic, 1962?

Expressionist By 1950 he loosens up and develops a  lyrical and highly motion-filled style. At that   time, he also moved to Darmstadt to work for the "Stars and Stripes", the US Armed Forces,  newspaper. He was the art director  until retirement in 1969 at which time he moved to Guadalajara, Mexico.
Pallette Changes For the next 22 years  in Mexico's tropical environment, his third style emphasizes more vibrant primary colors.

His last four years are spent in Austin Texas near two of his daughters. His pallette alters once again, somehow in a conclusive statement   combining the blacks and browns of Germany, with the reds and yellows of Mexico arriving at the maybe not so  surprising cooler blues and greens.  His paintings are highly regarded and exhibited in major museums and public buildings  all over the world.

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"Direction," Acrylic
41" x 33.5"


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