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All photographs by Virginia Fontaine

  Name & Biographical link Country & Dates Examples
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Dusseldorf, 1950
Group photo(left to right,top row:
Tom Noonan & wife , Otto Dominick &wife Otto Ritchl & wife, bottom row: Virginia Fontaine, Hanna Bekker and  Alo Altripp,
  Alo Altripp Germany 1906-1991  
wpeF.jpg (39310 bytes)
Jean Arp, Paris, 1949
Photograph by Virginia Fontaine
Jean Arp   examples
baumeister.jpg (25215 bytes)
Photograph by Virginia Fontaine
Willi Baumeister (with Hanna Bekker) Germany 1889-1955 examples
  Hanna Bekker vom Rath Germany 1893-1983 examples
  Karl Buchheister   examples
rolfcavael.jpg (31254 bytes)
Garmisch, 1950
Photograph by Virginia Fontaine
Rolf Cavael Germany 1898-1979 examples
  Otto Dominick    
  Alfred Eichorn Austria 1909-  
  Arthur Fauser Germany 1911-  
Img356.jpg (103206 bytes)
Munich, 1948
Photograph by Virginia Fontaine
Gerhard Fietz Germany 1910-1997  
  Gordon Gilkey US 1912-  
  Karl Otto Gotz Germany 1914- examples
  Will Grohman    
wpe1.jpg (22794 bytes)
Hans Hartung, Paris 1949
Photograph by Virginia Fontaine
Hans Hartung Germany 1904-1989 examples
  Karl Hartung Germany 1908- examples
  Erich Heckel Germany 1883-1970 examples
  Carl Hofer Germany 1883-1970 examples
idakerkovius.jpg (31999 bytes)
Stuttgart, 1950
Photograph by Virginia Fontaine
Ida Kerkovius (with Hanna Bekker) Germany 1879-1970 examples
  Paul Klee Switzerland 1879-1940 examples
  Kathe Kollwitz Germany 1867-1945 examples
  Bernd Krimmel Germany 1926-  
  Norbert Kricke Germany 1922-1984 examples
  Christian Kruck Germany 1925-1985 examples
  Wilhelm Loth Germany 1920- examples
  Ferdinand Macketanz Germany 1902-  
ewaldmatare.jpg (15405 bytes)
Photograph by Virginia Fontaine
Ewald Matare Germany 1887-1967 examples
  Ludwig Meidner Germany 1884-1966 examples
  Georg Muche Germany 1895-  
  Hans Otto Muller-Erbach Germany 1921-  
  Emile Nolde    
  Max Pechstein Germany 1881-1955 examples
  Hans Platschek Germany 1923-2000  
  Siegfried Reich An Der Stolpe Germany 1912- examples
  Enrique Rico; Mexico 1945- examples  
  Otto Ritschl Germany 1885-1976 examples
Img384.jpg (30477 bytes)
Mainz, 1950
photography by Virginia Fontaine
Emy Roeder Germany 1890-1972  
  Christian Rohlfs Germany 1849-1938 examples
  Eberhard Schlotter Germany 1921-  
  Gerhard Schlotter Germany 1922-  
Img364.jpg (66082 bytes)
Hofheim am Taunus, Schmidt-Rotluff with Maxine and Kurt Kraft , 1950
photograph by Virginia Fontaine
Karl Schmidt-Rotluff Germany 1884-1976 examples
  Werner Schreib Germany 1925-1969  
  Karl Stroher Germany ?-1977  
  Heinz Trokes Germany 1913  
  Hans Uhlmann Germany 1900- examples
  Egon Vietta    
  Heinrich Wildemann Germany 1904-  
  Fritz Winter Germany 1905-1976 examples
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