Margaret Brown Gallery-letters

The Margaret Brown Gallery carried the art of Paul Fontaine as early as 1946 and continued to show him until her death in 1957. Virginia steadily corresponded with her not only about Fontaine’s reception but also to promote other  artists that wished to show in the US. The letters provide a rich source for understanding how the European’s modern art was being received.

MargaretBrownLetters-1945-correspondence between VHF and MB


MargaretBrownLetters-1946-correspondence between VHF and MB

MargaretBrownLetters1947-1-26 VHF to MB

MargaretBrownLetters1947-4-2-missing-page-1 VHF to MB


MargaretBrownLetter-1949-1-22toLawrence MB to James Lawrence

MargaretBrownLetters-c1949-1-nd-missing-page3- VHF to MB

MargaretBrownLetter-1949-5-14  VHF to MB

MargaretBrownLetter-1949-6-17  MB to VHF

MargaretBrownLetter-1949-11-14  VHF to MB

MargaretBrownLetter-1950-1-9rev VHF to MB


MargaretBrownLetter-1950-1-25toFontaine  MB to Mr. & Mrs Fontaine ( PEF parents)

MargaretBrownLetter-1950-1-25toKuhn MB to Charles Kuhn

MargaretBrownLetter-1950-1-25toMoeller MB to Adlyn Moeller

MargaretBrownLetter-1950-1-25toSawyer MB to Charles Sawyer

MargaretBrownLetter-1950-1-25toSnow MB to Mrs. Benjamin Snow

MargaretBrownLetter-1950-1-31 VHF to MB

MargaretBrownLetter-1950-2-3 Charles Sawyer to MB

MargaretBrownLetter-1950-2-5 Adlyn Moeller to MB

MargaretBrownLetter-1950-2-9 MB to Adlyn Moeller

MargaretBrownLetter-1950-4-3 MB to VHF

MargaretBrownLetter-1950-4-11 VHF to MB

MargaretBrownLetter1950-5-12 VHF to MB

MargaretBrownLetter1950-6-15 VHF to MB

MargaretBrownLetter1950-6-26 MB to VHF

MargaretBrownLetter-1950-7-13 VHF to MB

MargaretBrownLetter-1950-7-26 MB to VHF

MargaretBrownLetter-1950-10-24 to Inez and Bob Friedman  and MB

MargaretBrownLetter-1951-12-12 MB to PEF

MargaretBrownLetter-1952-8-11 MB to Adwilda Fontaine ( mother of PEF)

MargaretBrownLetter-1952-9-30 VHF to MB

MargaretBrownLetter-1952-11-22  MB to VHF


MargaretBrownLetter-1957-5-4 Harold Palmer ( Gallery Assistant) to PEF

MargaretBrownLetter-1957-5-17 VHF to Harold Palmer