Bodensee Report, 1947

Soon after Virginia’s trip to Berlin, she ventured on another two week trip to Lake Constance, in Germany known as  the Bodensee . The lake is bordered by Germany, Austria and Switzerland, is a frequent vacation spot for all three countries, and became a haven for many artists during and after the war. On this trip she traveled with Hanna Bekker vom Rath, and once again visited as many artists,  art dealers and museum officials that they could manage including a trip across the border to Switzerland. This letter gives insight into the artists living conditions and  artistic development in addition to the bureaucratic difficulties Virginia and Hanna had to endure getting papers to travel to the different areas. There were a few interesting close calls. I’ve added photos of other artists that she discusses in the letter in addition to an addendum of other photographs of artists taken during later trips. Here is a copy of the index of important names in the letter.

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Bodensee Report, 1947 (original typewritten)

Bodensee Report, 1947 transcribed with addendum of additional photos of artists 1947-1951