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? ?79
Friedel ?76Virginia Fontaine
Friedel ?81Virginia Fontaine
Friedel ?132Virginia Fontaine
Alo Altripp0slide 360
Alo Altripp86Virginia Fontaine
Gladys Anastasas16
Mj. Hank Anastasas16
Hans Arp0slide 390Virginia Fontaine
Felicitas Baumeister22
Felicitas Baumeister64PHV-1949Virginia Fontaine
Krista Baumeister64PHV-1949Virginia Fontaine
Margarete Baumeister0slide 377Virginia Fontaine
Margarete Baumeister0slide 379Virginia Fontaine
Willi Baumeister0PHV-1951Virginia Fontaine
Willi Baumeister0slide 377Virginia Fontaine
Willi Baumeister0slide 379Virginia Fontaine
Willi Baumeister0slide 380Virginia Fontaine
Willi Baumeister22
Willi Baumeister23
Willi Baumeister23PHV-1948
Willi Baumeister24PHV-1947Virginia Fontaine
Willi Baumeister64
Willi Baumeister64Virginia Fontaine
Willi Baumeister64PHV-1949Virginia Fontaine
Willi Baumeister119
Willi Baumeister121PHV-1951Virginia Fontaine
Willi Baumeister122Virginia Fontaine
Ella Beer77PHV-1949Virginia Fontaine
Hanna Bekker vom Rath0PHO-1960Gene Bane
Hanna Bekker vom Rath0PHV-1948Virginia Fontaine
Hanna Bekker vom Rath0slide 360
Hanna Bekker vom Rath0slide 362
Hanna Bekker vom Rath0slide 363Virginia Fontaine
Hanna Bekker vom Rath0slide 364Virginia Fontaine
Hanna Bekker vom Rath0slide 370Virginia Fontaine
Hanna Bekker vom Rath0slide 374Virginia Fontaine
Hanna Bekker vom Rath0slide 380Virginia Fontaine
Hanna Bekker vom Rath0slide 385Virginia Fontaine
Hanna Bekker vom Rath0slide 386Virginia Fontaine
Hanna Bekker vom Rath15PHV-1949
Hanna Bekker vom Rath22
Hanna Bekker vom Rath24PHV-1947Virginia Fontaine
Hanna Bekker vom Rath30Virginia Fontaine
Hanna Bekker vom Rath32
Hanna Bekker vom Rath37Virginia Fontaine
Hanna Bekker vom Rath52Virginia Fontaine
Hanna Bekker vom Rath54Virginia Fontaine
Hanna Bekker vom Rath55Virginia Fontaine
Hanna Bekker vom Rath57Virginia Fontaine
Hanna Bekker vom Rath64
Hanna Bekker vom Rath64PHV-1949Virginia Fontaine
Hanna Bekker vom Rath66Virginia Fontaine
Hanna Bekker vom Rath79
Hanna Bekker vom Rath85Gene Bane
Hanna Bekker vom Rath86Virginia Fontaine
Hanna Bekker vom Rath88Virginia Fontaine
Hanna Bekker vom Rath90Virginia Fontaine
Hanna Bekker vom Rath90PHV-1950Virginia Fontaine
Hanna Bekker vom Rath91
Hanna Bekker vom Rath94Virginia Fontaine
Hanna Bekker vom Rath116Virginia Fontaine
Hanna Bekker vom Rath121PHV-1951Virginia Fontaine
Hanna Bekker vom Rath170Virginia Fontaine
Hanna Bekker vom Rath176Virginia Fontaine
Hanna Bekker vom Rath184
Hanna Bekker vom Rath184Helga Fietz
Jules Bissier30PHV-1947Virginia Fontaine
Ursula Bluhm0slide 358Virginia Fontaine
Ursula Bluhm0slide 359Virginia Fontaine
Ursula Bluhm86
Ursula Bluhm86Virginia Fontaine
Dale Boatman72
Dot Boatman72
Bernard Brodda113
Bernard Brodda114Virginia Fontaine
Hildegard Brodda113
Hildegard Brodda114Virginia Fontaine
Dorothee Cavael80Virginia Fontaine
Dorothee Cavael116Virginia Fontaine
Rolf Cavael0slide 354
Rolf Cavael80Virginia Fontaine
Rolf Cavael116Virginia Fontaine
Captain Glen Christian39Virginia Fontaine
Ruth Christian39
Ruth Christian39Virginia Fontaine
Denis Courtney79Virginia Fontaine
Winifred Courtney40Virginia Fontaine
Winifred Courtney79
Winifred Courtney79Virginia Fontaine
Henri Davring0slide 383Virginia Fontaine
Henri Davring95Virginia Fontaine
Henri Davring96
Henri Davring97Virginia Fontaine
Henri Davring98Willy Maywald
Laura Davring95Virginia Fontaine
Laura Davring96
Laura Davring98Willy Maywald
Sylvia Dayton132Virginia Fontaine
Sylvia Dayton136Virginia Fontaine
Sylvia Dayton143Virginia Fontaine
Rollie Devendorf104Virginia Fontaine
Otto Dix31PHV-1947
Greta Domnick0slide 375Virginia Fontaine
Greta Domnick0slide 381Virginia Fontaine
Greta Domnick130Virginia Fontaine
Ottomar Domnick0slide 360
Ottomar Domnick0slide 375Virginia Fontaine
Ottomar Domnick0slide 377Virginia Fontaine
Ottomar Domnick0slide 379Virginia Fontaine
Ottomar Domnick0slide 381Virginia Fontaine
Ottomar Domnick24PHV-1947Virginia Fontaine
Ottomar Domnick66Virginia Fontaine
Ottomar Domnick86Virginia Fontaine
Ottomar Domnick130Virginia Fontaine
Pastor Doré57Virginia Fontaine
Gerhard Fietz0slide 356Virginia Fontaine
Gerhard Fietz0slide 387Virginia Fontaine
Gerhard Fietz33
Gerhard Fietz34Helga Fietz
Gerhard Fietz34Virginia Fontaine
Gerhard Fietz34PHV-1949Virginia Fontaine
Andor Foldes0PHV-1952Virginia Fontaine
Lili Foldes0PHV-1952Virginia Fontaine
Carol Fontaine0PHO-1947Tony Vaccaro
Carol Fontaine0PHO-1952 2 copiesVirginia Fontaine
Carol Fontaine0PHV-1952Virginia Fontaine
Carol Fontaine0slide 358Virginia Fontaine
Carol Fontaine0slide 359Virginia Fontaine
Carol Fontaine0slide 381Virginia Fontaine
Carol Fontaine15PHV-1949
Carol Fontaine16
Carol Fontaine27
Carol Fontaine39
Carol Fontaine39Virginia Fontaine
Carol Fontaine43Virginia Fontaine
Carol Fontaine44Tony Vaccaro
Carol Fontaine58
Carol Fontaine58Jack Hauser
Carol Fontaine58PHO-1946Bill Margolis
Carol Fontaine59
Carol Fontaine59Virginia Fontaine
Carol Fontaine59PHO-1946Bill Margolis
Carol Fontaine60Virginia Fontaine
Carol Fontaine62
Carol Fontaine62Virginia Fontaine
Carol Fontaine68Virginia Fontaine
Carol Fontaine70Virginia Fontaine
Carol Fontaine74
Carol Fontaine74Virginia Fontaine
Carol Fontaine77Virginia Fontaine
Carol Fontaine78
Carol Fontaine78Virginia Fontaine
Carol Fontaine80
Carol Fontaine81Virginia Fontaine
Carol Fontaine86
Carol Fontaine86Virginia Fontaine
Carol Fontaine92
Carol Fontaine114Virginia Fontaine
Carol Fontaine115Virginia Fontaine
Carol Fontaine128Virginia Fontaine
Carol Fontaine132Virginia Fontaine
Carol Fontaine178Virginia Fontaine
Carol Fontaine188
Carol Fontaine533
Mimi Fontaine132Virginia Fontaine
Paul Fontaine0PHO-1947Tony Vaccaro
Paul Fontaine0PHO-1960Gene Bane
Paul Fontaine0PHV-1948Virginia Fontaine
Paul Fontaine0PHV-1951Virginia Fontaine
Paul Fontaine0slide 367Virginia Fontaine
Paul Fontaine0slide 377Virginia Fontaine
Paul Fontaine0slide 379Virginia Fontaine
Paul Fontaine0slide 382Virginia Fontaine
Paul Fontaine0slide 388Virginia Fontaine
Paul Fontaine2
Paul Fontaine9
Paul Fontaine10
Paul Fontaine15
Paul Fontaine16
Paul Fontaine18
Paul Fontaine20
Paul Fontaine21
Paul Fontaine24PHV-1947Virginia Fontaine
Paul Fontaine28
Paul Fontaine29PHV-1947
Paul Fontaine30PHV-1948Virginia Fontaine
Paul Fontaine37Virginia Fontaine
Paul Fontaine43Virginia Fontaine
Paul Fontaine44Tony Vaccaro
Paul Fontaine46Virginia Fontaine
Paul Fontaine47Virginia Fontaine
Paul Fontaine48Virginia Fontaine
Paul Fontaine58
Paul Fontaine61Virginia Fontaine
Paul Fontaine62Virginia Fontaine
Paul Fontaine72
Paul Fontaine79
Paul Fontaine80Virginia Fontaine
Paul Fontaine85Gene Bane
Paul Fontaine86Virginia Fontaine
Paul Fontaine92Virginia Fontaine
Paul Fontaine100Willy Maywald
Paul Fontaine101Willy Maywald
Paul Fontaine102Willy Maywald
Paul Fontaine103Virginia Fontaine
Paul Fontaine104Virginia Fontaine
Paul Fontaine105
Paul Fontaine106
Paul Fontaine107Virginia Fontaine
Paul Fontaine116Virginia Fontaine
Paul Fontaine164Virginia Fontaine
Paul Fontaine166Virginia Fontaine
Paul Fontaine178Virginia Fontaine
Paul Fontaine185
Paula Fontaine76
Paula Fontaine76Virginia Fontaine
Paula Fontaine77
Paula Fontaine77Helga Fietz
Paula Fontaine77Virginia Fontaine
Paula Fontaine77PHV-1949Virginia Fontaine
Paula Fontaine81Virginia Fontaine
Paula Fontaine114Virginia Fontaine
Paula Fontaine115Virginia Fontaine
Paula Fontaine116Virginia Fontaine
Paula Fontaine119
Paula Fontaine128Virginia Fontaine
Paula Fontaine132Virginia Fontaine
Paula Fontaine148Virginia Fontaine
Paula Fontaine177
Paula Fontaine177Virginia Fontaine
Paula Fontaine178Virginia Fontaine
Virginia Fontaine0PHE-1, c. 1 & 2
Virginia Fontaine0PHO-1937
Virginia Fontaine0PHO-1947Marta Hoeppfner
Virginia Fontaine0PHO-1947Tony Vaccaro
Virginia Fontaine0PHO-1952 2 copies
Virginia Fontaine0PHO-1952 2 copiesVirginia Fontaine
Virginia Fontaine0PHO-ND-EMVirginia Fontaine
Virginia Fontaine0PHO-ND-EM (filed with PHV-ND-EM)Virginia Fontaine
Virginia Fontaine0PHO-ND-EM (filed with series PHV-ND-EM)Virginia Fontaine
Virginia Fontaine0PHV-1948 2 copiesVirginia Fontaine
Virginia Fontaine0PHV-1953other
Virginia Fontaine0PHV-ND-1Virginia Fontaine
Virginia Fontaine0slide 360
Virginia Fontaine0slide 362
Virginia Fontaine0slide 381Virginia Fontaine
Virginia Fontaine0slide 389Virginia Fontaine
Virginia Fontaine0slide 391Virginia Fontaine
Virginia Fontaine0slide 392Virginia Fontaine
Virginia Fontaine0slide 396Virginia Fontaine
Virginia Fontaine2
Virginia Fontaine14
Virginia Fontaine15
Virginia Fontaine15PHV-1949
Virginia Fontaine16
Virginia Fontaine21PHO-1947
Virginia Fontaine22
Virginia Fontaine27PHV-1947
Virginia Fontaine29PHO-1947
Virginia Fontaine30
Virginia Fontaine39
Virginia Fontaine40Virginia Fontaine
Virginia Fontaine44Tony Vaccaro
Virginia Fontaine46Virginia Fontaine
Virginia Fontaine48
Virginia Fontaine48Virginia Fontaine
Virginia Fontaine49
Virginia Fontaine50
Virginia Fontaine57Virginia Fontaine
Virginia Fontaine58
Virginia Fontaine59
Virginia Fontaine61Marta Hoeppfner
Virginia Fontaine61PHO-1947Marta Hoeppfner
Virginia Fontaine62
Virginia Fontaine64
Virginia Fontaine72
Virginia Fontaine76
Virginia Fontaine77
Virginia Fontaine77Helga Fietz
Virginia Fontaine77Virginia Fontaine
Virginia Fontaine78
Virginia Fontaine79
Virginia Fontaine80
Virginia Fontaine81
Virginia Fontaine85Gene Bane
Virginia Fontaine86
Virginia Fontaine88
Virginia Fontaine90
Virginia Fontaine92
Virginia Fontaine92Tony Vaccaro
Virginia Fontaine93
Virginia Fontaine94
Virginia Fontaine95PHV-1949
Virginia Fontaine96
Virginia Fontaine98Willy Maywald
Virginia Fontaine100Willy Maywald
Virginia Fontaine102
Virginia Fontaine102Willy Maywald
Virginia Fontaine113
Virginia Fontaine115Virginia Fontaine
Virginia Fontaine116Virginia Fontaine
Virginia Fontaine123Helga Fietz
Virginia Fontaine128Virginia Fontaine
Virginia Fontaine130Virginia Fontaine
Virginia Fontaine132
Virginia Fontaine132Virginia Fontaine
Virginia Fontaine146Virginia Fontaine
Virginia Fontaine147
Virginia Fontaine167Virginia Fontaine
Virginia Fontaine168Virginia Fontaine
Virginia Fontaine177
Virginia Fontaine178Virginia Fontaine
Günther Franke43Virginia Fontaine
Ines Friedman21
Ines Friedman92
Robert Friedman21
Robert Friedman92
Gordon Gilkey27PHV-1947
Gordon Gilkey28
Roberta Gonzalez68Virginia Fontaine
Roberta Gonzalez70Virginia Fontaine
Roberta Gonzalez71Virginia Fontaine
Col. Haberman59Virginia Fontaine
Peter Hagen185
Yvonne Hagen0slide 389Virginia Fontaine
Yvonne Hagen94Virginia Fontaine
Chichio Haller94
Chichio Haller94Virginia Fontaine
Chichio Haller95Virginia Fontaine
Chichio Haller95PHV-1949
Chichio Haller95PHV-1949Virginia Fontaine
Chichio Haller96
Chichio Haller99Willy Maywald
Ida Hammerschmidt183Virginia Fontaine
Mary Louise Hammersmith0slide 386Virginia Fontaine
Mary Louise Hammersmith0slide 389Virginia Fontaine
Mary Louise Hammersmith74Virginia Fontaine
Myrtle Hammersmith72
Myrtle Hammersmith73
Myrtle Hammersmith74
Paul B. Hammersmith72
Paul B. Hammersmith74Virginia Fontaine
Paul W. Hammersmith72
Paul W. Hammersmith73
Paul W. Hammersmith74
Ted Hammersmith74Virginia Fontaine
Frau Karl Hartung40Virginia Fontaine
Hans Hartung0slide 394Virginia Fontaine
Hans Hartung66Helga Fietz
Hans Hartung66Virginia Fontaine
Hans Hartung66PHV-1948Virginia Fontaine
Hans Hartung67Virginia Fontaine
Hans Hartung68Virginia Fontaine
Hans Hartung70Virginia Fontaine
Hans Hartung94Virginia Fontaine
Karl Hartung40Virginia Fontaine
Hill Hazelip129Virginia Fontaine
Erich Heckel32
Inge Hergenhahn-Dinand88Virginia Fontaine
? Herlein90Virginia Fontaine
Carl Hofer42Virginia Fontaine
Jack Horner72
Hans Jaffe0PHE-1Virginia Fontaine
Hans Jaffe0PHE-1, c. 1 & 2Virginia Fontaine
Walter Jonas94
Ida Kerkovius0PHV-1948Virginia Fontaine
Ida Kerkovius0PHV-1948 2 copiesVirginia Fontaine
Ida Kerkovius0slide 370Virginia Fontaine
Ida Kerkovius0slide 374Virginia Fontaine
Ida Kerkovius0slide 380Virginia Fontaine
Ida Kerkovius0slide 395Virginia Fontaine
Ida Kerkovius24PHV-1947Virginia Fontaine
Ida Kerkovius36Marta Hoeppfner
Ida Kerkovius36PHV-1948Virginia Fontaine
Ida Kerkovius37Virginia Fontaine
Ida Kerkovius64PHV-1949Virginia Fontaine
Barbara King135Virginia Fontaine
Barbara King146Virginia Fontaine
Eugen Kogon159Virginia Fontaine
Kurt Kraft0slide 364Virginia Fontaine
Maxine Kraft0slide 364Virginia Fontaine
Franz Krause169Virginia Fontaine
Hans Krause0PHV-1951Virginia Fontaine
Walter Linck0PHV-1949Virginia Fontaine
Walter Linck0slide 366Virginia Fontaine
Walter Linck0slide 368Virginia Fontaine
Walter Linck97Virginia Fontaine
Margrit Linck Daepp0PHV-1949Virginia Fontaine
Margrit Linck Daepp0slide 366Virginia Fontaine
Margrit Linck Daepp0slide 368Virginia Fontaine
Margrit Linck Daepp0slide 382Virginia Fontaine
Margrit Linck Daepp97Virginia Fontaine
Giggit Lockey94Virginia Fontaine
Giggit Lockey95Virginia Fontaine
Paul Lutzeier0slide 359Virginia Fontaine
Paul Lutzeier86
Paul Lutzeier86Virginia Fontaine
Ewald Mataré0PHO-ND-EMVirginia Fontaine
Ewald Mataré0PHO-ND-EM (filed with PHV-ND-EM)Virginia Fontaine
Ewald Mataré0PHO-ND-EM (filed with series PHV-ND-EM)Virginia Fontaine
Ewald Mataré0PHV-ND-EMVirginia Fontaine
Ewald Mataré0PHV-ND-EM, c. 1 & 2Virginia Fontaine
Ewald Mataré0PHV-ND-EM, c. 1-3Virginia Fontaine
Ewald Mataré0PHV-ND-EM, c. 1-4Virginia Fontaine
Ewald Mataré0slide 355Virginia Fontaine
Ewald Mataré0slide 367Virginia Fontaine
Ewald Mataré52Virginia Fontaine
Ewald Mataré53Virginia Fontaine
Ewald Mataré54Virginia Fontaine
Ewald Mataré55Virginia Fontaine
Ewald Mataré57Virginia Fontaine
Hanna Mataré0slide 363Virginia Fontaine
Hanna Mataré53Virginia Fontaine
Hanna Mataré54Virginia Fontaine
Hanna Mataré57Virginia Fontaine
Sonja Mataré0PHV-ND-EMVirginia Fontaine
Sonja Mataré0PHV-ND-EM, c. 1-3Virginia Fontaine
Sonja Mataré0slide 367Virginia Fontaine
Sonja Mataré54Virginia Fontaine
Sonja Mataré57Virginia Fontaine
Helene Maywald96
Eline McKnight40Virginia Fontaine
Eline McKnight130Virginia Fontaine
Maxwell McKnight130Virginia Fontaine
Ludwig Meidner0PHO-1964
Otto Meyer0PHE-1Virginia Fontaine
Otto Meyer0PHE-1, c. 1 & 2Virginia Fontaine
Ferdinand Möller0PHV-ND-FMVirginia Fontaine
Aznev Moore91
Leslie Moore91
Rolf Müller-Landau88
Rolf Müller-Landau88Virginia Fontaine
Rolf Müller-Landau89Virginia Fontaine
Ernst Wilhelm Nay24PHV-1947Virginia Fontaine
J.B. Neumann176Virginia Fontaine
Constant Anton Nieuwenhuys128Virginia Fontaine
Victor Nieuwenhuys128Virginia Fontaine
Tom Noonan0slide 360
Tom Noonan86Virginia Fontaine
Vicki Noonan0slide 360
Vicki Noonan86Virginia Fontaine
Ernst Oberhoff169Virginia Fontaine
Hans Oppersdorf78Virginia Fontaine
Carol Porth74Virginia Fontaine
James (jr.) Porth73Virginia Fontaine
James (jr.) Porth74
James (jr.) Porth74Virginia Fontaine
James Porth74Virginia Fontaine
Patricia Porth74Virginia Fontaine
Heinz Rasch0PHV-1951Virginia Fontaine
Heinz Rasch15
Heinz Rasch15PHV-1949
Alexander Rath30
Alexander Rath30PHV-1948Virginia Fontaine
Frau Alexander Rath30
Frau Alexander Rath30PHV-1948Virginia Fontaine
Godo Remshardt0PHO-1960Gene Bane
Godo Remshardt0PHV-1953other
Godo Remshardt85Gene Bane
Otto Ritschl0slide 360
Otto Ritschl28
Otto Ritschl29PHV-1947
Otto Ritschl29PHV-1947 6 copies
Otto Ritschl86Virginia Fontaine
Emy Roeder0slide 384Virginia Fontaine
Emy Roeder0slide 385Virginia Fontaine
Emy Roeder0slide 386Virginia Fontaine
Emy Roeder90Virginia Fontaine
Emy Roeder90PHV-1950Virginia Fontaine
Emy Roeder118Virginia Fontaine
Emy Roeder118PHV-1950Virginia Fontaine
Willem Jacob Henri Berend Sandberg0PHE-1Virginia Fontaine
Willem Jacob Henri Berend Sandberg0PHE-1, c. 1 & 2Virginia Fontaine
Willem Jacob Henri Berend Sandberg0PHE-1, c. 1-3Virginia Fontaine
Frau Wilhelm Schaefer29PHO-1947
Frau Wilhelm Schaefer30Virginia Fontaine
Gustav Schelbert48Virginia Fontaine
Emy Schmidt-Rottluff40Virginia Fontaine
Emy Schmidt-Rottluff90Virginia Fontaine
Karl Schmidt-Rottluff0slide 364Virginia Fontaine
Karl Schmidt-Rottluff40Virginia Fontaine
Karl Schmidt-Rottluff90Virginia Fontaine
Karl Schmidt-Rottluff90PHV-1950Virginia Fontaine
Bernard Schultze0slide 358Virginia Fontaine
Bernard Schultze0slide 359Virginia Fontaine
Bernard Schultze86
Bernard Schultze86Virginia Fontaine
Marylou (Marie Luise) Solms22
Marylou (Marie Luise) Solms78
Marylou (Marie Luise) Solms79
Marylou (Marie Luise) Solms79Virginia Fontaine
Pucky (Marie Gabrielle) Solms-Oppersdorff78Virginia Fontaine
Pucky (Marie Gabrielle) Solms-Oppersdorff79
Pucky (Marie Gabrielle) Solms-Oppersdorff79Virginia Fontaine
Peter Stein114Virginia Fontaine
Lucia Stern115Virginia Fontaine
Shinkitchi Tajiri129Virginia Fontaine
Shinkitchi Tajiri129PHV-1950Virginia Fontaine
Shinkitchi Tajiri169Virginia Fontaine
Nancy Tuttrup16
Hans Uhlmann41Virginia Fontaine
Adlyn Moeller Van Steenberg92Virginia Fontaine
Adlyn Moeller Van Steenberg92PHV-1947Virginia Fontaine
Alex Vömel57Virginia Fontaine
Frau Vömel57Virginia Fontaine
Lidy von Lüttwitz148Virginia Fontaine
Charlotte Weidler0slide 358Virginia Fontaine
Charlotte Weidler0slide 362
Charlotte Weidler86
Charlotte Weidler86Virginia Fontaine
Theodore Werner0PHV-ND-FMVirginia Fontaine
Heinrich Wildemann16
Fritz Winter130Virginia Fontaine
Ossip Zadkine0PHV-1953other
Ossip Zadkine169Virginia Fontaine
Ossip Zadkine170Virginia Fontaine