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The symbolism of the broken piece of statuary in the foreground is a startling representation of an image of the past. It could indicate the collapse of ancient stability and well being before the advance of the two storm troopers entering the archway. The Harlequin, a satirical symbol, is saying to the Pope: "Can't you see? What are you going to do about it?" The Pope, immersed in the written word of the Church and with his eyes veiled from reality by the symbolic darkened glasses, replies, "Silence" He (the Church) will not help the Jews (humanity) as the Nazi's take over Paris.

The religious expressions of this composition are those of a humanist recognizing the more candid and honest realities of human nature. In "Fantasy," man's pilgrimage to salvation has stopped; in the "Lynchings" social injustice is the rule in white dominating society. Fontaine held high ideals for humanity and these two compositions express his protests against mankind's failure to make morally correct choices, thereby changing and bettering society


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