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Remarks by Leon Hovsepian regarding Paul's sense of Frugality during their years at Yale

Paul and I rented a room in Harlem, NY - (125th St.). 
We made sandwiches in a brown bag to save time as we consecutively visited
museums down Manhattan.  Lunch hour caught us under an elevated train
trestle, leaning against a trestle post, we began eating our sandwiches.  We
noticed across the way a chauffeur and a fireman at a firebarn, looking at us
and seemed to be talking about us.  Finally the chauffeur walked over and
said, "You look like decent fellows, not bums, here take this money and get
yourselves some coffee."  We were flabbergasted.  We laughed and said "no,
no, we are not destitute!"  He said, "Make me feel better and take it any

So, you see what might be perceived as frugality was only prudent planning.

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